There's a cat on the cover. What other reason do I need?

Ribbons and Frills - Claire  Davis, Mark Stewart

'Ribbons and Frills' is a short story about two men who have a summer romance and then go their separate ways only to be brought back together a year later.


Second chances are something that we probably all want at least once in our lives and if we're luck we get them. Gary and Ashley are two men needing second chances in more than one area of their life and when the chips are down the most important question is will they do what it takes to make their second chance work. To get back what they let go and keep what they don't want to loose.


I loved how this story played out and I really liked these two men. Each one had their own challenges to face but when push came to shove they were there for one another. This was a short, sweet, feel good story and I loved it from start to finish.