Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants...

Victim of Love - Darien Cox

Maybe not an original line but truer words have rarely been spoken. I decided to sneak off and quietly read this book because a lot of my friends have given it really good reviews so I got it and then my friend, Eleftheria gave it an awesome review that had my brain muttering 'gotta read this, come on Karen, you know you want to.' and my damned brain wouldn't leave me alone. So I loaded this baby onto my e-reader and started reading it. I liked it. It was good and I was reading it every chance I got but I wasn't getting great from it. I figured whatever, it's good, I'm enjoying it, what else matters?  Then somewhere around the last 15 to 20% things kicked up a notch and I was going, holy hell, what just happened here? I literally stopped what I was doing, grabbed my muttster and curled up to finish reading this sucker.


Now let me tell you what that last 15 to 20ish percent did.

1. It made me like Olsen who was getting on my nerves a teensy, weensy bit until then.


2. It made me quit thinking that no matter what his issue was Beck was a douche and nothing would change that. Wrong! Beck is not a douche, yes he acted a bit like one, but all things considered I at least see where those actions were coming from.


3. It made me like Olsen and Beck as a couple.


4. It left me feeling really glad that I read this book and it took a 3 star read (as in it's ok, I like it but it's not fantastic) and made me want to give it 4 stars because for me the last part of this book was definitely 5 stars so I averaged and gave it 4 'If I was dog, I'd be wagging my tail' stars.