I got the wrong copy again...

In For A Pound - Carol Lynne

In For A Pound by Carol Lynne


In trying to figure out what to say about this book I went back and had a peek at the first book, which I apparently enjoyed a whole lot more than this one because I gave it 4 stars and I peeked at what other readers over on GR had given this book which is what leads me to my subject line because apparently a number of them gave this book 5 stars and I'mma thinking they got a different book than me. I wish that I'd gotten that copy because mine was definitely a 2 star read at best.


So in keeping with my attempt to not make reviews longer than the book they pertain too. This one fell flat, the characters were neither charming nor endearing for me, the plot at best was weak and overall it just didn't work for me. On a more positive note at less than 75 pages this was a blessedly short read. That's it, I'm on to the next book.