Letting go of the past...

You Are the Reason - Renae Kaye

There really are a lot of wonderful reviews out there about this book so I'm probably going to keep this short. My friend, Jewel wrote a lovely review (posted on GR) and as she said you really don't need to read 'The Blinding Light' first (it's book #1 in this series) and apparently I decided to prove that she knew what she was talking about on that one because I didn't read it first I read it after reading this book.


Anyways, back to this book. 'You Are The Reason' is a fantastic story about Davo finding not only love but himself. Davo shows us that sometimes the way a person sees the world is more of a reflection of how they feel about themselves. He has so many preconceived and biased ideals about what is and isn't acceptable behavior for a gay man. Not because it's truly how he feels but like so many of us it's a reflection of the influences in his life from his youth. In spite of having pretty awesome parents not all of Davo's roll models were good. Problem is he can't keep the ideals that came from his youth and have the man he loves.


Lee is...well, Lee is simply fantastic. He is who he is very unapologetically and in his own way Lee is larger than life and he's determined to break down Davo's walls and help him become comfortable in his own skin. Lee is also a product of his environment and he grew up surrounded by love and acceptance.


Together these two men are heat and passion and just totally combustible.


What I didn't like about this book was the blurb, it did not do this story justice. I bought the book because it was Renae Kaye and I've read a couple of other books by her that I really liked and I can honestly say now I've read yet another book by her that I really, really like...actually 2 because I read 'The Blinding Light' right after this one but that's another review. 


'You Are The Reason' is a wonderful story about finding love and finding yourself along the way. I would definitely highly recommend it and as my friend Jewel said you don't have to read 'The Blinding Light' but you will definitely have a better appreciation of some of the secondary characters if you do.