The book I should have read before 'You Are the Reason' and didn't...for no reason.

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye

I really enjoyed this book. I found Jake and Patrick to be both endearing and infuriating in their own ways.


Jake has such a strong sense of family and I loved that Ms Kaye let his natural instincts to nurture and care for people shine through as a part of who he was. Was he perfect no. At times he said and did things that would in my view qualify his as acting like a bit of an asshat. Kinda' like my own brothers. I liked that he treated Patrick as a person not a handicapped person but a normal intelligent person. Someone who should be capable of saying 'please, thank you or I'm sorry'. I also very much liked that Patrick got to be an independent and successful person.


Did I like everything that was said by characters in this, but then I don't like everything that's said by people in real life either. Specifically what comes to mind for me was the conversation between Jake and Luke about  a high school classmate. What they said was mean no other word for it. If they were real people and not characters in a book could I fault them for it, sure, but no more than I would need to fault myself for some of the things I've said or thought about former classmates who for whatever reason bring to mind less than pleasant memories of school days. It's little things like this in a story that add realism for me and breath life into both the characters and the story.


The thing I liked the least about this story was the situation with Jake's mother. Her solution to what was yet another one of her irresponsible actions for me was not acceptable. She could justify until the end of time but in the end to me it once again came down to her dumping her problem on Jake for him to deal with no matter how she wants to justify it in her own mind.


I look forward to seeing where this series will go and whose story from The Tav, Ms Kaye will give us next.