A Haunting Tale of Love...

Motel. Pool. - Kim Fielding

'Motel Pool' is the story of an impossible love one that bridges both time and death. Jack Layton went to Hollywood in the 50s looking for fame and fortune unfortunately all he finds is an early end to both his career and sadly his life.


Tag Manning is running from his life and ends up in deserted town where he finds Jack or more accurately Jack finds him.


'Motel Pool' is the story of how Jack, who has spent the last 60 years as a ghost sees Tag as his last chance at life and when he grabs onto this last opportunity it results in a friendship that neither of these men expected and Jack shows Tag how to live and makes him realize what's missing in his own life.


I've had this book for ages and I just kept passing it over when I was looking for my next book to read. I probably still wouldn't have read it if it weren't for Dani and Eleftheria insisting that our friend Renee read it. So of course this made me curious and while I was on vacation it came to mind and I got to wondering why I haven't read it yet. So naturally I figured I should read it and find out. So I read it and honestly I don't know why it took me so long to get around to reading it, I'm just glad I finally did.


I love a story that makes me forget how impossible it is that it could ever happen.  'Motel Pool' was sweet, it was funny and it had some very heartbreaking moments.

Hubby and I were sitting outside reading when we had this conversation...

Me: 'I hate Dani, when we get home I'm going to tell her.'

Hubby looked at me in surprise and said 'why do you hate Dani?'

Me: 'because she said this book was good.'

Hubby: 'and it's not?'

Me: 'no, it's...insert sniffles and tears here' it's good.'

Hubby: 'Oooohhh! It's 'GOOD'. Do you really hate Dani?'

Me: 'no.' add a few more sniffles and a tissue (courtesy of hubby, he takes good care of me)

Hubby: 'Now, behave and finish your book'

I finished the book and I loved it, It's a beautiful story and for anyone who wants to read an amazing review for this book, read Dani's (here's the link)...