Every bit as good the second time around...

Through The Years - Z.A. Maxfield

I actually read this back in 2008 when it was posted on Ms Maxfield's website but it's a short read and I really like her stuff so I took the time to download this when it showed up on ARe as a free read.


I really enjoyed this the first time and found it every bit as endearing this time around as well. Through the years follows the progression of Ethan and Barry's relationship starting in 1978 at their high school graduation and gives up a glimpse at their lives every 10 years. It's not all hearts and flowers and sweetness. At times Ethan is a total idiot and at other times Barry is oblivious to how little attention he pays to the relationship. Both of these men do damage as a result of their actions or inactions. It's not because they don't care...no if anything these men care about each other a great deal. They care enough to fight...with each other and for each other. They don't always get it right and when that happens they learn from their mistakes and they move forward hopefully making things better.


There's a realism to this relationship that isn't always seen in stories. For all of their love they see and acknowledge their flaws and that of their partner and they love each other whether you consider it to be in spite of their flaws or as I like to think because of them.


I'd like to say that I wish Ms Maxfield had expanded this to be a full length novella or maybe even a novel, but I have the feeling that if she had we'd loose some of the magic that this story seems to embrace because of the way it weaves so loosely through the lives and times of these two men.


So instead I'll just say that for me through the years was short, it was sweet and it was perfect.