Not sure how but I missed this one...

Demon Dog - Ally Blue

I actually read this back in April of 2014 along with book 2 for this series. Now, I'm not sure how I managed it but I did a review for the second book and not this one. Unfortunately that's over a year ago and many, many books ago.


The only thing that I remember for sure is I liked this book better than the second one and not as well as 'Bay City Paranormal Investigations' the series that it spins off of. So far I've not seen anything about the possible release of a third book and maybe that's just as well considering that for me, anyways, the stories aren't getting better and that makes me sad. I like Ally Blue, she's a good writer and I've really enjoyed some of her other books. So if you want to check her out maybe start with her 'Bay City Paranormal Investigations' series or her book 'Adder' it's a contemporary stand alone and my absolute favorite of her books that I've read so far.