20 Days of Tuck or as I like to think of it...

20 Days of Tuck - R.W. Clinger

20 Days of WHATTHEFUCK!!!!


First off let me say if you are a fan of this book or this author you probably want to just move on because I have nothing good to say about this book. The closest I can come is the fact that I gave it 1/2 star for the nice cover. Otherwise it's a 1 star read for me and that was only because I finished it. Any book that read from beginning to end automatically gets 1 star from me.


Let's start with the thing that annoyed me the most and yet when it came time to rate this book I didn't factor this in and that was the editing or lack there of. This story is about Micah Berk and the 20 days that he spends with Tucker Martini (go ahead laugh, I did) a year later Tucker or Tuck as he is more often referred to is no longer in Micah's life. Enter Carl Bascoe or at least that's who he started out to  be but somewhere along the way he became Carl Martini, sorry I didn't note the page or how many times this happened but it did happen. If you plan on reading the story please avoid this spoiler as it definitely reveals a big part of the plot.

I have this theory that since Carl entered Micah's life after Tuck was killed in a plane crash maybe it was a case of possession and thus the merging of names resulted, who knows?  Kidding, there was no case of possession here just poor editing.

(show spoiler)


Now the stuff that brought me to my stupendous rating of 1.5 stars. This should have been an emotional, tear inducing, heartstring tugging, cry my eyes out read. Trust me it doesn't take a lot to get that from me. McDonald's commercials have done it, Bell Canada commercials, it's not a difficult challenge with me. You just have to write a story that doesn't read like a freaking police report written by a cop who's on crack. Seriously this story read like a goddamned police report. Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. Even the sex scenes were less than interesting, I pretty much skimmed these to spare myself some torture...wait scratch that those police reports might be very entertaining. 


A couple of my favorite lines from this story...NOT! but they are prime examples of what you'll get to read if you decide to read this are...


"...But he really wasn't really there..."




"...I dressed in a black suit and a white shirt. My shoes were also black, which matched the suit perfectly. Unfortunately, my sox were white because I had forgotten to pack a black pair..."  Really? Are you kidding me and here I thought it was because you forgot the red ones. Silly me.


Oh and then there was this one...

"...and she sat straight in her seat, proving to me that she had very good posture."  because I'm sure that proving to you that she had good posture was a priority to her at that point in time...again...NOT! Honestly, Micah get over yourself.


Ok I could carry on with gems like these because Lord knows this book is loaded with them but I'll just spare you and me any further torture.


If your' not a fan of stories that jump back and forth in the time line you might also find this highly annoying because this one flipped back and forth between what happened in 2014 with Tuck and the events of 2015 with Carl. Now on the upside if you aren't a fan of shifting POVs not to worry that doesn't happen here. It's all about Micah and I do mean it's ALL about Micah. I didn't really care much for him but then I wasn't really impressed by anyone in this book let's just say the words flat and one dimensional pretty well sums it up.


Truthfully in light of the fact that this was by no means this authors first book I sincerely expected better. For me it is definitely my first, last and only  read by R.W. Clinger. But hey, different strokes for different folks right.