I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't what I got...

The Professor's Rule: The Complete Collection - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley

First off I've read a few books in the BDSM genre, not that I am by any means an expert in this area...not even close. I know enough to recognize that 50 Shades of Grey was simply 50 shades of wrong.  Also I am totally not a pain junkie, I have what doctors have said is a very high tolerance to pain but I also have a very strong aversion to it, in any form and yet...sweetbabyjesus!!!! This is one hot book, admittedly the sex was intense, but  I think for me it was more about the emotional journey that the story took us on.


James is an undergrad student who's grads are not looking good, he's desperate to fix this. This is his second kick at the can so to speak and he doesn't want to let his parents down so he's willing to do whatever he needs to for a better grade in his History class and with this in mind he goes to Professor Evander Carson to see what he can do about it. Problem is Professor Carson offers him a different solution than what he had in mind. This is the beginning of what becomes an ongoing affair between these two men. it's one that's...well...let's say complicated add to this a lack of communication, miscommunication and just plain non-communication and you guessed it...you have a recipe for relationship disaster. Something that James ultimately runs from. 


Two years and a misdialed phone call later James allows himself to be drawn back into his relationship with Evander only this time a third party becomes involved and he's someone who James has feelings for. If things were complicated when it was just James and Evander. They get even more challenging when it becomes James, Evander and Satish. The minefield that these men navigate in an effort to find their own personal happiness together is fraught with tension, miscommunications and the potential for yet again another disaster.  The resulting relationship between these men held a definite uniqueness that I haven't really encountered in stories before this book. 


The ménage relationship in this book was more a case of 1 man with 2 partners as opposed to 3 people caring equally for each other.  Evander and Satish were both in love with James and while they seemed to become friends and have a mutual respect for each other. James was the focus of the relationship for both of Evander and Satish.

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I was very surprised by the fact that a book where pain was such a central part of the main relationship would do anything other than make me want to move on...please refer to the first paragraph in this review... 'very strong aversion to'. So once again I was reminded that when it's done right a story can and will grab my attention and for me this one done right and it grabbed on and held tight from start to finish.


'The Professor's Rule' was originally put out as 5 separate stories and I'm not sure if I'd read them separately if I would have found them to be as intensely fascinating as I did reading it as one continuous story.


Note:   To my friend, Kynthos-the-Archer, sorry it took me so long to get around to reading this and even though it didn't end up being one of the Secret Santa gifts that you gave me last year. You're still the reason that I ended  up getting and reading these stories, so thank you so much for the awesome rec. It was amazeballs!!!