No don't 'Focus on Me' focus on reading this book...

Focus on Me - Megan Erickson

'Focus On Me' was book #3 in my summer vacation read and if I loved 'Trust the Focus' all I can say is I don't have the words to explain how I felt about this book. It was simply wonderful start to finish amazing.


Colin wasn't perfect but he was the perfect boyfriend for Riley. Riley was heartbreaking and in his own way so strong. I loved both of these boys and their story was beautifully told by an incredibly talented author. I look forward to reading more by Ms Erickson.


Now because I have some time constraints here and as I say in my review of 'Trust the Focus' I hate being redundante, plus there are more than a couple of wonderful reviews on GR that will explain and show (yes, that's right more gifs) how fantastic this book is here's the link Happy reading and hopefully that will include the books and not just the reviews.