Worth the wait...

Last Line 2: Ring Around The Sun - Harper Fox

Ok first things first if you haven't read Harper Fox's book 'Last Line' stop right now, go back and read it and really why haven't you read it? It's Harper Fox and she's amazing. You really shouldn't neglect your reading experience like this and also to be honest I don't think this book will be nearly as good and you may even find yourself a bit confused without having read the first book.


Now that that's out of the way can I just say it's been 4 years between the release of book one and this book and I was honestly surprised and more than a little happy when I saw that there was a follow up book to 'Last Line'. I am a total fan of Ms Fox and I loved 'Last Line' but at the end I was left feeling like it needed more. So of course I'm over the moon that more has finally arrived.


Admittedly I was a little confused at the beginning of this book partially due to the fact that the story began with characters that weren't really in the first book and the fact that...well, it's been 4 years and a lot of other books between book one and now. However, I am nothing if not persistent and my persistence was rewarded as I continued reading and details of book one returned to my brain as well clarity was given to the importance of the characters at the beginning of this book. I loved the touch of the paranormal/supernormal that was added to this story.


Chances are if you didn't like the first book you may not want to continue, I can't really say because I loved book one and I loved this book. It was different and so not the story I would have envisioned it to be, but man I could not read this fast enough I was left constantly wanting to know more and why and how until I  suddenly found myself at the end and while I knew the more, why and how I was left wanting still more. For me John and Michael still have a story to tell, I just hope that Ms Fox will be kind enough to share it with me.