Short, sexy and yes I would like more please...

A Guy Like Grant - Havan Fellows

Havan Fellows is one of those authors that rarely if ever fails to press all the right buttons for me. 'A Guy Like Grant' was a short story that she wrote for 'The Story Orgy Road Trip' Anthology and later polished up and published for release as a short story. I read the short story version and loved it.


Grant is heading for Biketoberfest to put his years of hard work to the test and hopefully reap the rewards what he isn't planning on is the reward he gets when he meets the younger Casey and discovers they're heading to the same event.


What happens when these two meet is worthy of a storm maybe even a hurricane. I loved these two men. They just did it for me and if I could change anything about this story it would be to make it longer and have the author give us more of them.


This was a sexy, fun read and men on motorcycles? What more could you want? Well more of course always more when the story's as good as this.