And the award for most pointless book ever goes too...

Safety Net - Keiko Kirin

This was going to be a long winded, ranty review about all the reasons I didn't like this book and when it came down to it. I just don't have the energy or maybe I want to save it for a book that I really like and want to gush about. I have some Mary Calmes, Josh Lanyon, Rhys Ford and Harper Fox that I need to catch up on so I'm going with the latter.


So let's see if I can do this and keep it short and sweet, ok?
 Basically this was one of the most pointless books I've ever read. I should have trusted my instincts and did a DNF on this one, but no not me! I decided to keep reading I was sure I'd find that amazing book that got all the 4 and 5 star reviews somewhere, right? No, just no! That was not the copy of the book that I got.


Instead I got around 400 pages of 'oh my god Erick West is so amazing!!! Everybody loves him!' and 'Lowell Menacker is so gorgeous, everbody wants him!' and 'Ohmygod, Dale Lennart is...well he's Dale Lennart and the only person truly smart enough to realize that he was the best one of the bunch was Andy and that almost didn't end well.


Can I just say Erick West for me was not all that and a bag of potato chips and Lowell Menacker was a horn dog, so it's a good thing he was good looking, wasn't it?'


Ok that's it I'm done with this one. If you read it and loved it. I'm happy for you. If you read it and didn't love it I share your pain. If you haven't read it...think about it, there are other books out there that you might want to give consideration to, ok?