Book 4 in the series rates #1 for me...

Sloe Ride - Rhys Ford

'Sloe Ride' started out being all about Quinn for me. I've wanted his story from the moment he showed up in the series. He's the Morgan sibling that's different, not just because he didn't become a cop but because 'he's wired differently'. Quinn sees the world from a different perspective than others do and I love that this is not portrayed as being bad or wrong or lesser than others just different. So often we see stories where the person who is different is shoved into one of those categories when in fact sometimes 'different' is just that 'different' simply not the same not more and not less.


The things I loved the most about this story is the way we were given the  background between Quinn and Rafe in small threads woven throughout the story as part of the story. I loved that the relationship between Quinn and Rafe was a slow build in spite of the fact that Rafe has a history with the Morgan family and Quinn's feelings for him are not new but a part of that history. Still after years of separation because of Rafe's mercurial rise to stardom and subsequent fall from grace and Quinn's challenge to find his way in a world that frequently overwhelmed him these men took the time to get to know each other as who they are now and not base their relationship on who they were in the past. I loved that Rafe not only understood and accepted Quinn's uniqueness, but it was part of what he loved about Quinn. Quinn wasn't blind to Rafe's past or his ongoing struggle to remain free of drugs but he was willing to believe in him and in what they were building together. Lastly, I really enjoyed the involvement of Quinn's family and the part they all played throughout the story. Quinn's struggles to maintain his independence and yet not alienate himself from his family were also a wonderful touch to this story. 


The mystery part of this story was for me very well done and even though I was fairly certain of who the villain was it wasn't a definite in my mind until the end.


So yes overall this for me was a fabulous 5 star read and what started out for me as Quinn's story became Quinn and Rafe's story, endearing both of these men as my favorite couple in this series. I can't wait to see what comes next, but I find it hard to believe that whatever it is could top how much I loved this book.