Time to ride off into the sunset...

Texas Wedding - RJ Scott

'Texas Wedding' is book #7 in R.J. Scott's 'Texas' series and from all indications it's the end of the line for this series, however, it seems there will be a spin-off which shows us what happens for some of the secondary characters that we've met along the way and I can't imagine that we won't get a peek at Jack and Riley from time to time as well.


My main issue with this book was that it often felt like it was just all over the map jumping from one thing to another at times rather abruptly making me feel like I'd missed a page or two. As well there were times that I felt like the story was turning into a PSA (Public Service Announcement) and that the focus of the story was shifting from being a fictional story about the author's characters to a PSA and that was when I would find myself setting my e-reader aside and wandering off to do other things because it just wasn't holding my attention the way the series has in the past.


In spite of the fact that 'Texas Wedding' wasn't as enjoyable for me as the previous books, I still find myself wanting more and I will definitely be there to read what comes next for the other men that R.J. Scott has brought to life with this series.