Let's talk about things that are flat...

The Healing of Idrys - T.N. Tarrant

or we could just talk about this book.


So this was the book blurb:

Idrys Barber is a lonely, closeted man, whose life is completely ordered and controlled by his parents, until his sister files a complaint with the DA. Add to that, Reilly Lucas invades the dreams that plague him, along with Hadrian Merkel. Hadrian and Reilly meet over a pair of Boston Terrier puppies and a black kitten, dating each other and now they want to include Idrys, but will they convince him it's not a crime to be together with them, or will Idrys' father destroy any chance they have for a good life together?


Sounds good right? Well I certainly thought it did so I was expecting a story that would knock my socks off. The potential, oh my god!!! What more could you want kittens, puppies, hot sexy men who love and want to protect those kittens and puppies, only to discover they also want to love and protect each other especially Idrys because HOLY-HELL-IS-HIS-FAMILY-FUCKED-UP!!!! I'm talking seriously dangerous  crazy.


Now all I needed to make this work were characters that made it past being as flat as the ones in this book. I just didn't feel it. This book should have been drowning in feels and emotions and for me they just weren't there. I so wanted to feel the rage at Idrys's family and towards the system that failed not only Idrys but Reilly. I wanted to love Hadrian because he should have been cute and adorable with a surprising spine of steel when it came to his lovers and the animals he cared for. In my head I'm sure this is the type of person that the author wanted us to see, I just didn't feel it in my heart. Honestly I didn't feel any of the justifiable anger and rage or the excitement and passion and compassion that this book seemed to be trying to elicit from the reader.


So at the end of it all I was left with 2 1/2 stars for this book 1 because I did finish reading it and 1 more because as I said earlier the concept was good and 1/2 star because did you see that cover the puppies and kitten alone were worth the 1/2 star but what really got the 1/2 star from me was the fact that I could look at that cover and give an name to each of the men because they fit the physical image the author gave me of the story's MCs.