A wounded warrior and a physio-therapist walk into a gym...

The Articles of Release - BA Tortuga

and you get a whole lot of heat. Especially when it's these two men. Eric Tremaine hadn't planned on being discharged from the army so soon but then he hadn't planned on the roadside attack that ended his military career. So he certainly hadn't planned on the force of nature that is Troy Daniels.


These two men don't get off to the best of starts but if nothing else Eric still remembers how to own his mistakes and apologize when he acts like an ass hat (that's right Ms Tortuga used one of my favorite descriptives for people who behave badly and yes it did make me laugh).


I loved this story it was filled with fun and humor and we got to see Sage and Win...a lot. They by no means took over the story but they were a solid presence and it was nice to have them around. To be honest it would have seemed strange otherwise since Sage is not just one of Troy's patients he's also his best friend and Win is Eric's best friend and the person who takes him in when he's at a loss as to where to go once he's discharged from the hospital because sadly Eric got a bunch of bigoted idiots for a family and they disowned him when they learned he was gay...but, that's in the past and it's their loss not his. Now Troy...this boy has family coming out the wazoo!!!  and they're all awesome especially his parents.


'The Articles of Release' was a sweet, sexy, fun story about two men falling in love and finding their way into a relationship that worked for them in spite of Troy's adrenaline junkie tendencies that landed him in the hospital on more than one occasion.


Once again this author has given me a story that provided hours of enjoyment. This is by no means my first B.A. Tortuga book and I look forward to more, hopefully in this series. I loved Ms Tortuga's 'Stormy Weather' series and her 'Road Trip' series and I'm pretty sure this series is going to be every bit as enjoyable as they were.