My friend Ele and I decided to console ourselves and do a buddy read because...

(Watch Me) Save You (Run This Town Book 4) - Avril Ashton

everyone ran off to GRL without us. So really what's a girl to do besides grab a friend and read about some seriously messed up sexy men!


'(Watch Me) Save You' is book 4 in Avril Ashton's 'Run This Town' series and right off the bat the first thing I'm going to say is this is not a stand alone book if you haven't read the first 3 books I honestly can't imagine truly enjoying this book. The characters and storylines are so interwoven and tied together that to try and do so would definitely leave the reader missing a whole lot of relevant background information.


Quinn Storm is the ex-husband of Xavier Storm, whom we met in the first book. Tek is a friend of Elias Kote's, we met him in book 3 and Elias figures very prominently in Tek's story as does Israel Storm, who is Xavier's cousin and one of the MCs from the second book. Then we have Stavros Konstantinou and he's a real charmer...NOT!!! But he is the scum of the earth and just like all good bad pennies he keeps turning up, over and over and over again and he is a very prominent player in this story. So to really appreciate and understand book 4 you need to go back to the beginning, but I'm not going to do that.


'Run This Town' for me isn't so much a series about bad men as it is a story about men who are doing what they have to, to get by and protect the people they care about. It's not about the black and white of life but all the shades of grey that are in between.


The plotlines in these stories at times can get a bit convoluted but ultimately they work and I really enjoy not always knowing where the author is taking us and thinking we should have zigged when she zagged.


I honestly can't decided whether I liked book one or this one the best but then I don't honestly need to pick so I loved them both and I'm definitely on board to see what comes next. 


Ele,  if you want to do a buddy read for the next one, just give me a shout. Especially if it's going where we think it might be.


By the way Ms Ashton I saw what you did there sliding in some of the characters from your Sinners series. That was cool and I wouldn't be disappointed if it happened again.