This took a little longer to read than expected...

Who We Are - T.J. Klune

'Who We Are' was a mixed bag for me. There were things that I really liked as much or more than the first book and then there were other things that didn't click quite as well for me. But at the end of it all was a story that I really enjoyed.


The humor was stronger in this book more than once I found myself laughing out loud and sharing bits of it with hubby which as he will tell you is not something that I do unless I'm really enjoying a story. There were also parts of the story that I related to very strongly and made it a little painful at times.

When Otter had his accident I knew what he was going through. Having had my own accident and while I was only unconscious for 3 days. I had the broken bones and bruises. I know the pain he felt both physical and emotional. It was hard to revisit that.

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I loved how much more this felt like I was just listening to a friend ramble on about their life and once again the last 20 to 25% of this book really made a huge difference in how I felt about it. Especially the Epilogue with Otter's perspective.


Now what didn't click for me, at times the Kid. He was just a little too full of himself and I wanted to give him a time out.


Mrs. Paquinn's random ramblings a couple of times had me wondering if she'd wandered into Dementia-land and if so why the hell was she being left in charge of a young child?


Isaiah  and David. Isaiah was too arrogant bordering on conceited and I'm sorry but someone tells you their in a relationship you back the hell off. Same with David except he was a bit of a sad story and by sad I mean pathetic. He dated Otter for a few months years ago and it's obvious to everyone that Otter is now in a serious, committed relationship. Come on David get a clue and move on, really. He's just not that into you. But no he's hanging on like a pathetic little puppy that someone kicked.


Last of all the cover, sorry but it just has to be said the Kid on this cover looks like he just got out of juvie and needs some serious dental work for that overbite and Bear and Otter? Seriously? People are drooling and mooning over that? I just don't buy it.  Ok that's my rant over the cover because I really don't factor that in when I'm rating a book so if the cover really bothers me, I feel I'm at least entitled to take a potshot  or two at it.