The best book in the series even gets the best cover...

The Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles) - T.J. Klune

If there was any doubt before I read 'The Art of Breathing' it's gone I have absolutely no doubt that T.J. Klune has mastered the art of writing an amazing story.  This journey started with 'Bear, Otter and the Kid'. We were introduced to a collection of quirky, fascinating and incredibly loveable characters. Then we moved on to 'Who We Are' and we watched those characters grow and struggle to overcome obstacles and in spite of the fact that 'Who We Are' may not have captured my heart quite as strongly as the first book. 4 stars is still not a shabby rating and I was more than ready to jump into 'The Art of Breathing'.


So here I am at the end of this book with my heart pounding and eyes that are still a little misty and unfocused. Part of me is happy because I know for the most part Bear & Otter, Ty & Dom are in pretty good places as far as their relationships go. But there is so much more left to this story. I know there's another book coming (the author said so) and I honestly wish it was already here because truthfully I'd be reading it instead of trying to write a review that I do not have adequate words for.


What I liked loved about this book everything from start to finish. I couldn't put it down, didn't want to. Hell even my husband loved it...oh, no wait he didn't actually read it. He just got to go to the hockey game guilt free  because I was happily reading a book and didn't really notice that he was gone until he came back with dinner for me (yeah, he's pretty awesome that way).


What I didn't enjoy...well, I could say the fact that it ended but at just under 400 pages that would be a rather greedy assertion on my part now wouldn't it? Ok, I admit it I'm greedy because I would have been ecstatic had there been more, but there wasn't, so instead I will eagerly await the time when there is.


If you haven't read these books yet seriously check them out. While the first 2 books were definitely fantastic reads for me. It was this one 'The Art of Breathing' that stole my heart and left me breathless.