Get your ghostly kink on...

Seduced by a Legend - Sharon Maria Bidwell

'Seduced By A Legend' was suppose to be one of my Halloween reads, unfortunately it got derailed by 'Bear, Otter and the Kid'...mostly the Kid.


I actually won a copy of this story in a draw on an author's site a couple of years ago and I was determined to finally read it this year as I had been saving it for a Halloween read, as I enjoy reading holiday stories whether it's Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas whatever the occasion it's just a fun thing that I enjoy doing each holiday (why, yes I am already compiling my list of Christmas reads).


In 'Seduced by a Legend' Ms Bidwell gives the story of Ichabod Crane a bit of a different spin with a change of location and in this story the object of Ichabod's (or Ignatius as he's called in this story) affections is not the lovely Desiree whom he has been hired to tutor but the rather manly Jacques Bouchard with a side helping of lusty ghost.


Ms Bidwell's writing style had a definite historical flavor to it that helped to enhance the  story's historical setting while allowing the author to show us the flexibility of her writing skills.


'Seduced by a Legend' was an enjoyable Halloween read and perfect for me in that it wasn't a 'read-with-the-lights-on' type of story but a fun, sexy variation on a Halloween classic.