This book needs a soundtrack...

Love is a Stranger - John  Wiltshire

I don't know if the author had one in mind when he was writing this book but I didn't need to look any further than The Eurythmics for my background music for this story starting with 'Love is a Stranger' of course. But there were many other songs by this group that I found very well suited to the story contained within this title. Ok so that's the random thought that ended up floating around in the grey matter that is my brain.


Now back to the book. I finally started this book with the encouragement of my friends Ele & Liz. Liz mostly because she's waiting and waiting and I hate to keep people waiting, lol. Ele made me curious because the reviews for this series, for the most part, are very favorable and Ele wasn't feeling the love here, so I had to know why?


So now that I've read this I better understand Ele's issues but I have to admit that truthfully I did enjoy this book, but I'm not disowning you, Ele. You forgave me for Maps...well, sort of so I'll give you this one ;-)


What did I like about this book well interestingly enough I liked the way the story moved around. It's not normally something that works for me but these two have a very unusual relationship and there's a ton of background, of which I'm pretty sure I've only gotten a fraction so far and I think that's why this works for me. It doesn't feel like a big info dump coming down and I can take in the bits and pieces as they come. For whatever reason in this case it works.


I already know this is not a short little series there are currently 7 books and I have no idea if there are more coming or not...ok, so I squirreled and wandered off  to check and yes there is a book #8 in the works. 


Anyways, getting back on track,  I went into this feeling that since there are already 7 books I needed to be prepared that book 1 and possibly a chunk of book 2 would be focused on getting me up to snuff about these two men, their backgrounds, relationships and involvements with each other and the rest of the world.


I like the dynamics between Nik and Ben. Their relationship seemed to start with a  really strong physical attraction that's well documented. In plain English these two have lots of sex...lots and lots of lubeless...ouch!!! sex, but hey, to each their own. They're both consenting adults and if that floats their boats then I say enjoy....and OUCH!!!!


While meandering through their background and how they came to be together I was given the impression that while the relationship started out very strongly a physical attraction as events progressed so did the bond between these two becoming something more than just sex. Something that neither of them seem to be fully equipped to deal with although Ben for the most part does seem to be more willing to put himself out there and try.


The fact that the story seems to bounce from place to place in terms of events definitely works for me with this pairing. They're intense, seriously intense. As much as I liked this story I found it to be emotionally, mentally and if I was getting as much as these two, it would also be physically exhausting...seriously I was left wondering how they hell they got anything done at times, (ok, I might be a little jealous...just a smidge but with lube please).


I can't honestly say that I was blown away by this book but I definitely enjoyed it and want to read more, so of course I've started the second book. I found that there is a world of opportunities for the author to give us one wild ride with this pairing and I like wild rides.