And the award for Literature's most dysfunctional couple of the year goes to...

Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than The Sun Book 2) - John  Wiltshire

...very possibly Ben and what'shisname? Yep, I refuse to give him a name because honestly, I'm not sure what the hell his name is. Ok, seriously for the sake of argument we'll let him be Nikolas for now, but honestly guys don't get to attached to it because I'm pretty sure it's going to change.


These two men are just emotionally exhausting, but I'm pretty sure I'm addicted. I have no doubt that I'll carry on reading this series if not before than definitely after the holidays but for now I'm taking a short break...I think because that little voice in my head is whispering 'book3 we need to read the next book. Come on it's on your e-reader and you know you want too.' Sadly the little voice is right I do want to. So I guess we'll see what the day brings.


I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. Both of these men are damaged and flawed beyond belief and at the same time in their own way they will each own up to their flaws. The power balance, or imbalanace as it sometimes tends to be, between Nik and Ben fascinate me. I'm not sure of the how and why of it but the author makes the relationship work between them. At times it's I find myself amazed that they can be in the same room without at the very least wanting to kill each other and other times there's a passionate beauty that shines between them.


This was definitely one of the busiest stories I've read in a while but it flowed well and in spite of the fact that there was actually 3 separate plotlines going on here the story flowed from one thing to the next and we weren't given a jumbled mess of stories overlapping so for me there was no confusion at all as to what was happening and to who and when and all that good stuff that I like to be able to follow in a story.


The events at the end of the book have left me extremely curious as to what will come next and what direction those events are going to lead these two rather fascinating men in and I think I just talked myself into reading the next book...oh, well what's one more right? I've got 7 days before Dec. 1 and my Christmas reading marathon begins. Piece of cake...right?


I basically read this book in two stages the first half was really good and probably over all I would have given it between 3.5 and 4 stars. I was a little ragey with Nik for going to Moscow. I understood his decision but sorry, nope, nope, nope I did not like it or agree with it, however, the second half of the book I sat down and tore through yesterday. I couldn't stop reading. It was working tickity boo for me and I loved it definitely at 4.5 stars at least and with that I'm giving it an overall rating of 4 slightly dysfunctional stars.