I really, really want to read the next book...

This Other Country - John  Wiltshire

This series is like crack. Seriously it's damn near as addictive as a Mary Calmes series. I want to read the next book so freaking bad, but I can't because tomorrow I start a buddy read with three awesome ladies over on GR and it's a book I'm not going to miss out on reading with them for anything...even Mary Calmes would take a back seat on this one, I had to use all my will power and then some not to jump into the next book this time. So as much as it pains me and believe me it does I'm setting the last 3 books that are out aside for the next month. but that's not what I want to talk about right now...


Right now I want to discuss this book and how much I enjoyed it. John Wiltshire has struck reading gold with me with this series and amazingly without fail at some point in nearly every book I've hit a spot where I think 'Ok that's it, I'm taking a break and reading something else after this.' and without fail by the end of the book I'm muttering "Just one more, one more and then I'll take that break." I was so taken with the events in this story as Nik and Ben attend a residential gay therapy course. The results of which are unexpected and ultimately present Ben and Nik with a rather surprising challenge to their relationship. The story description really didn't give a lot of details on this one and I honestly expected that I'd be wishing I'd taken a break before reading this one...needless to say I was wrong. I was anything but bored.


Along with a new 'villain' if you will. We had the return of a number of secondary characters Squeezy & Thomas, Philipa, Kate and Radulf. I enjoyed not only seeing the changes between some of these characters such as Squeezy and Thomas but also the dynamics of what is happening between some of the secondary characters and our MCs. Sadly I am no longer a fan of Kate.

Her seduction of Ben at a time when she knew he was vulnerable was to me unconscionable. She intentionally went to Ben when she knew Nikolas wasn't there and she seduced him knowing the only reason that Ben and Nikolas weren't 'a couple' was because of his amnesia. Sorry Kate, but that to me was the act of someone who is manipulative and selfish. All consideration to Nikolas aside you took advantage of Ben in a way that someone who truly cared about him wouldn't have because you were really only thinking of yourself.

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I honestly can't wait to get back to this series and see what else lies in store for them and their friends. That I am enjoying these books as much as I am both surprises and delights me.