Well that was short, better in theory and sadly...

Take a Bow - Caitlin Ricci

in need of editing. Sorry but at less than 35 pages. I was hoping for something that had fewer basic errors for example something that is still in it's original state and hasn't been changed is a 'blank' slate not a 'black' slate. That's just one of several errors that I spotted and found to be very distracting. Ok so that was one of the things that annoyed me about this story but what prompted me to only give it 1.5 stars was the fact that the best part of the story was the cover.


Both the characters and the plot got shortchanged and didn't come anywhere near the potential that they could have. Plus I was a little bothered by Brandon's fixation with his daughter's fiancée's hair.


At times this almost seemed like more of an outline or a rough draft than the finished product. Sadly I was left more than a little disappointed.