It's a Christmas reading marathon...

All Snug - B.G. Thomas

I did this last year starting on December 1st, I read holiday stories for the entire month. It was fun so I've decided to do it again this year. I'm a day late starting because of my buddy read but that's ok. I'm looking at it as motivation to read more. I total last year I read 32 stories so lets see if I can read as much or more this year.


Book #1 is B.G. Thomas's 'All Snug' this was an adorable story about two men who want to buy the same antique bed for their respective boyfriends. The shop dealer doesn't care who buys it as long as someone does. So he's left our two men to resolve the issue however they see fit. Over a cup of coffee they decided that the only way to resolve this is through a challenge. Actually several. The author takes us on a light-hearted and entertaining journey as we watch these two compete with each other for the right to be the one to buy the bed.


I won't say who ended up getting the bed but I will say that they put it to good use. I really enjoyed this and yes there was a bit of predictability to this story but to be honest I didn't care. I was just generally enjoying myself too much to let it bother me. For a nice, zero angst, fun holiday story 'All Snug' was all good.