It's a winter road trip...

If Only in My Dreams - Keira Andrews

There are a ton of awesome reviews for this book over on GR so I'm keeping this one short and suggesting if you want more go to GR or read the book because it was awesome.


I think I've become a fan of books that involve road trips as this one did and I know I'm a fan of second chances something we all need and deserve. Throw in a little Christmas and you've got me hook, line and sinker.


I loved this one. Charlie and Gavin were adorable and I liked how they worked through their problems. These weren't deep emotional conversations to me they were exactly what they should be, what I would have expected from two men their age and to me they were men. Young but men none the less. The conversations ranged from I screwed up and I'm sorry and let's move on to you shouldn't have done that and I thought you were an ass for doing it but you've said you're sorry so let's move on. Sometimes a bit of introspection is nice but it's not always a requirement for a sincere apology. The acknowledgement that one's actions were wrong and regretted can be every bit as believable without all the emotional analysis and in this case it worked well for me.


I read this one because my friends Todd and Dani told me I should. They said I'd enjoy it and while Winter Oranges didn't end up being the lovefest I had hoped for in spite of it's goodness. You nailed it on this one. Maybe it was Charlie's smutty talk, lol.