I should have known better...

Ho Ho Oh! - Shawn Bailey

After last years misadventure with 'What Child Is This?' I probably should have steered clear of this one. Granted for me it was marginally better than last years story garnering 2 stars rather than 1.


But I couldn't resist on this one the premise had such strong possibilities and I was hopeful. I wanted this to work. It was enemies to lovers. Faran is a ballet dancer, Nick is all about the family real estate business and teasing Faran but is he teasing because he doesn't like what he sees or he likes it too much?


So many possibilities and for me they all fell flat. These two should have been smoking up the pages whether in bed or out. Faran's a ginger, he's artistic, he's been made principle ballet dancer for his dance troupe, he's talented. Nick's all male and all alpha and together the should have been amazing. Sadly for me they weren't. I'm not even going to spend any waste any more time trying to explain this because flat is just the only word that comes to mind for what should have been scorching hot story. Well flat and can we get a bit of editing done here. Once again this was a book with basic errors that should have been caught and fixed. We're talking wrong words, extra words for example at one point when Faran's tuxedo was being put into a car the sentence read 'he put the Faran tuxedo in the car' how about 'he put Faran's tuxedo in the car' the Faran? Really? What the hell. This was not the only mistake of this nature just the one that readily comes to mind.


So at the end of it 2 stars. One for what seemed like a good plot and 1 because I read it from start to finish and while I wasn't even close to thrilled by it at least I didn't want to shoot myself in the foot because it seemed like it would be less painful than reading the book.