Tissues required...

A Fortunate Blizzard - L.C. Chase

I honestly thought I was prepared for this book...nope not even close. Somewhere around the point where Marcus admits to Trevor that he wants there to be more between them than just a simple hook-up and I started crying and there was no turning the waterworks off no matter how hard I tried. I don't remember the last time a book hit me this hard and tied me into knots emotionally. I not even sure the time I wanted an HEA so desperately for a couple.


Trevor and Marcus were two pieces of a puzzle made for each other. Each bringing what the other is missing to the relationship. The passion that existed between these two men literally jumped off of the page and grabbed my heart and I'm not just talking sex here...although that was pretty hot too.


At the core of this book is the very definition of the spirit of the holiday season. Faith, love, hope and family. 'A Fortunate Blizzard' is one of those rare books that I know I won't ever forget and quite possibly the best Christmas read of this holiday season and if not the best I can't imagine it won't be one of my top 5.