If Night Vales' not your thing you need to visit Eden Vale...

Jesse's Christmas - RJ Scott

Jesse is as successful photographer and unbeknownst to him, his boyfriend, Jonah, is a successful embezzler investor...until he isn't Jesse's boyfriend or a successful investor. Leaving Jesse to face the FBI alone in a ransacked apartment with a million questions that Jesse has no idea how to answer. Shattered by these events Jess stumbles through life until his friend and agent, Emma decides enough is enough and she ships Jesse off to the town of Eden Vale on an assignment. Jesse goes not because he wants to but because he really has no choice Johan not only broke the bank and Jesse's heart, he broke Jesse too.


Hired to do a blog and post a picture a day with commentary until Christmas starting on the first of December, Jesse is determined to do his job and go  home. What he didn't count on was meeting Gabriel a man as beautiful as any model Jesse had ever seen and whose spirit embodies the meaning of Christmas. The romance between these two men is a slow, sweet burn and watching them discover each other as Jesse once again finds his Christmas spirit and rebuilds his shattered heart made for an incredibly enjoyable and heartwarming story.