This one went by faster than the holiday and wasn't as much fun...

Season's Greetings: An M/M Holiday Collection - Lee Brazil

Season's Greetings is a short (72 page and yes essentially all 72 pages are taken up with story, so kudos for that) anthology of 4 holiday stories by the author, Lee Brazil.  For me this author can be a bit hit and miss and that turned out to be the case here as well. So in fairness to the stories I'm going to do a real quick review/rating on each of them using the book blurb for goes...


The Interview

When Ben learns Cris’s business travel means his lover will be gone for the holidays, he begins to rethink their relationship. Ben’s family steps in to keep him busy, but does he dare ask Cris to put him before the job?

2 stars mainly because I totally didn't like Ben. He was whiney and I'm not sure that he really wasn't but his family sure as hell seemed to feel he wasn't capable of dealing with much. Overall Ben just didn't impress or endear himself to me and Chris...I think I might have liked him. He would have needed more page time to win me over.


While the premise was cute on this one, the MCs just didn't enchant me. Honestly can I just say I give no f*cks about Ben and his mashed papaya or keeping his lips moist and kissable, it was randomly thrown in there about his damn moist or lack of moist lips more than once and I might have a couple of suggestions for that papaya...just sayin'.


I can't even accuse this one of being too short because by the time I got to the end I was more than happy to be done with these two.


By Design
A ghostly visit on Christmas Eve points grieving Kyle in a new direction.

3.5 stars. I liked the premise of this story it really intrigued me and I liked Kyle, for me, he had such potential and I wanted to see more of him and Aiden his ghostly visitor not to mention I would love to find out more about the sweet little ginger elf that Kyle rescued from his apartment. This one was too short by half and then some. I'm pretty sure there's a book in here and I'm no the only one who would read it.


For All Eternity
When a shopping mall elf is touched by a joyless child, a connection is forged that lasts a lifetime.

2.5 stars. This started out good and then just lost steam. I think a little more detail and a little less dash to the finish might have helped.


Wearing His Ring
Detective Grant Hammond spends Christmas at a hot springs hotel with his lover, JT, who is determined to celebrate the old fashioned way, popcorn garland and all.

3 stars. Again a case of a little more dressing needed on this salad. The fixings were all there for what could have been  a really good story rather than an ok story.


Overall I think all of these stories would have benefited from a bit more detail to build interest. For me it was the difference between 'I wanted this story to be longer so that I could keep reading' and 'that thing that snags me and hooks me isn't here, so I want the author to put it there' make me love this story. It was there for me in the story 'By Design'. I'd hoped to find it in all of them. So over all 3 stars mostly because of how much I liked 'By Design' and the potential that I felt 'For All Eternity' offered and the little flickers that kept shimmering around 'Wearing His Ring'.