Last year Hank got unwrapped but this year...It's Micah's turn...

Midwinter Night's Dream - Eli Easton

'Midwinter's Night Dream' is Eli Easton's follow up to last years 'Unwrapping Hank' and admittedly I am also of the 'Unwrapping Hank' was better opinion like so many others. However, I still really enjoyed this story, as well, and wouldn't have missed it.


Now, if you want to read a really good review of this book and see what Micah truly should look like just follow this link over to Dani's review on GR (you can sit and ogle Micah for a while, Dani won't mind and hell, I do it all the time).


Also if you haven't read 'Unwrapping Hank' I guess you could still read this one but honestly it's way more fun if you read them both and in order because Hank and Sloane are awesome and their story shouldn't be missed.