When it comes to R. Cooper I am totally biased...

Vincent's Thanksgiving Date - R. Cooper

Just wanted to be honest about this. I love this author. One of my absolute favorite books is "A Wealth of Unsaid Words" I devoured that book, couldn't put it down and sure enough as soon as I started reading "Vincent's Thanksgiving Date" I knew this was a repeat performance and it was. I loved Vincent maybe because I share some of his anxieties when it comes to social situations especially if it's a larger group of people. I so understood his stress and anxiety over going, not going, letting down someone whose opinion matters, someone who you want to make happy more than anything else. Yeah, for me Vincent was a bit of a kindred spirit and then there was Cory. Cory was just magical. He got it, he understood Vincent without judging. To Cory it was just all a part of Vincent and he liked the man that he saw.


R. Cooper has the ability to create characters who are less than perfect and then make the reader love them for that because we get to see that even less than perfect deserves to get a happily ever after and that love is there waiting for anyone who's brave enough to reach for it and hang on.


So maybe this wasn't actually a Christmas story but for me the message was perfect for this time of year.