Ending the year on a happy note!!!

Bitter Taffy - Amy Lane

Bitter Taffy is the second book in Amy Lane's Candy Man series and I loved it at least as much as the first one if not more.


In book one we got to meet Adam and watch as he and Finn fell in love. To say it was freakin' adorable is an understatement. So now in book 2 we see Adam's cousin Rico return from New York after what turned into a disastrous ending to his relationship with the man who he thought was the love of his life.


Adam and Finn are there for Rico and they force him to pick himself up, dust himself off and carry on. In the course of doing this we see a bit more of Darrin and wouldn't I love a book for him (yes, I would in case there's any doubt) but best of all we get to watch as Derek walks into Rico's life and shows him that first loves aren't always forever and aren't always the best. While they may be special in their own way, often we think of them as our 'first' love for a reason and that reason is because they're only the start of a journey that if we're luck will lead us to our last love. The one who is forever. That person who makes our heart think of home.


I loved this book it was full of fluff and fun and sweetness. I smiled and remembered all the reasons that this author is one of my favorites and then I discovered that book 3 is due out later this month and I did a happy dance because I have every intention of buying it and reading it ASAP!!!