Possibilites...the world is full of them...

Two Steps Back - Lyn Gala

Every morning that we wake up the world has a vast new number of possibilities to offer us, every new person that we meet brings more possibilities into our lives, every time we enter a building, a room, step through a door, answer an e-mail, a phone call, open a book to read a story...the possibilities never cease to change, to alter in some form or way and not always in ways that we can readily see or understand.


Two Steps Back is about two men who meet, neither of them seeing or expecting the same possibilities to come from the relationship until it's nearly too late. Dallin is desperate for money so he can keep  himself from living on the streets. William is desperate to be in a relationship to have someone he can love and care about. Ben sees the possibility for both of these men to have what they want but all he can do is bring them together.


This is only the third book that I've read by this author but each one has been different and not just in terms of the plot but the characters have all been unique individuals as well. The only common factor that I've found is that they all have their good points and their flaws. I love this it makes them seem so real...like someone I could actually know.


Thanks to a poor economy Dallin turns to his former pimp, Ben for work to help make ends meet. Ben introduces him to William. A DOM that Ben knows is looking for a regular partner...someone he can build a relationship with.


Watching Dallin and William's relationship go from a 'work' relationship to something more personal as they not only navigate their own personal and emotional obstacles but whatever the world decides to throw at them is at times both heartbreaking and amusing. I really loved the ending for this story it wasn't a neatly wrapped 'and they all lived happily ever package'. Instead it was a tangled mess of emotions and wants and problems with realistic solutions and unending possibilities. It was the difference between a 3 star and a 4 star read for me and it was what made me believe in these 2 men as a possibility.


A special thank you to the lovely M'rella for this lovely and every so enjoyable Christmas present.