I'd like the second book now please?

Shiver - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

First off thanks to my friend Ange for encouraging me to read this one. 'Shiver' is book one in the series 'Unbreakable Bonds' by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott. For me this was one hella' good start to a series.


At the heart of the series we have four friends...brothers of the heart. Lucas a self made millionaire and the foundation for his brothers, the glue that helps keep them together. Rowe a security specialist who'd rather be in the middle of the action than anywhere else, Dr. Ashton 'Snow' Frost a man who's all ice on the outside and barely holding it together on the inside most days and Ian, he came to this family late but his sweet disposition and his amazing cooking skills are just what these men need to help keep them balanced and establish him as the little brother in this group of alpha males.


In Shiver we get to meet this group for the first time and find out what happens when one of their own is threatened. Lucas has plans for the city of Cincinnati and as he starts to put his plans into action someone makes it known that they don't like his plans and he needs to sale his recently acquired property and stop only Lucas doesn't scare that easily, but he does cave when his friends insist he have a body guard. Enter Andrei Hadeon, bodyguard extraordinaire. He's the best Rowe has. Problem is while Andrei is guarding Lucas's body who's going to guard Lucas's heart from Andrei?


I very much enjoyed the mystery that this story centered around I'm usually reasonably good at figuring out who-done-it in a story and while I had a couple of strong hunches it wasn't until the very end that things were confirmed. Layer in a slow burn on the romance with glimpses at the secondary characters who will figure more prominently in future books and I'm a happy, happy girl.


The only thing that niggled at me and kept me from giving this story 5 stars was the ending. For me it just needed a little bit more. It felt just a bit to abrupt and in comparison to how the rest of the book flowed. it was more of a HFN and I really wanted to feel like it was an HEA for these two guys, however, there was nothing hanging over the cliff at the end of this so that was a good thing too. Also I almost forgot to mention the cover. I do appreciate a good cover and for me this cover was excellent.


Now if we could just skip ahead to April. I'd like book 2 now, you see it's about Dr. Ashton (Snow) Frost and I've already decided I like him...a lot!!! I knew this at the 3% mark of this story and I haven't changed my mind....April? Is it April yet?