First there was Dex & Sloane, then Ash & Cael and now...

Catch a Tiger by the Tail - Charlie Cochet

we have Calvin & Hobbs. I loved their story. We've gotten bits and pieces of these two men throughout the previous books but this one focused on them as they moved from best friends to a couple and it was perfect. I loved how they interacted both with each other and the people in their lives colleagues, friends, family. Everything just worked for me and made me very happy.


As well as the main story I was more than a little happy to get more about Hobbs's brothers Seb & Rafe. However, as much as I would love to get more of Seb & Hudson's story I need book #7 Smoke & Mirrors because HOLY HELL!!! Did you all see the size of that cliff we got left on? I know June isn't really that far away and I have faith that Ms. Cochet has this all figured out but still I really, really wanna' know what's going on?


So anyways, THIRDS it's an awesome series if you haven't read it you seriously need to fix that little oversight and if you have than you already know this. Now, I have to go and investigate something about a Captive Prince. Happy reading my friends.