"When I leave, I never return the same"...

All These Hidden Scars: A Loose Ends Prequel - Avril Ashton

How does a man survive doing something that shatters him repeatedly? How does he keep from loosing his true self, from becoming one of the monsters he has set out to destroy? If he's lucky, he finds something or someone to hold his hand, to stand beside him and share their strength while he puts himself back together...one shattered piece at a time...


For undercover agent Sullivan Black that man was Carter Renault. Carter runs a local bar and for some reason Sullivan can breath again when he's near Carter. These two men are explosive together. We are talking seriously hot!!! I was thinking maybe I'd just stand in a cold shower to read this one. Sadly as much as Sully wants to walk away from his undercover life. It's not going to let him. There's one last job to be done he's told. One last job and then he'll be free.


The real question is will he live to see it through. Carter just wants Sully to come back and he's willing to wait. What he doesn't realize is how hard that the waiting, the wondering and the not knowing can be. But he's determined to do it because he wants Sully.


Avril Ashton has created a world of beautiful damaged souls to share with us. First there were the men of the Brooklyn Sinners and then she led us to the pairings of Run This Town. Now you're probably wondering what all these books have in common besides the author, much to my delight it's the characters. The one thing that I have discovered about this author is that in order to really appreciate the stories you need to pay careful attention to the characters because everything is interwoven and who will show up when or why is always a mystery but it will happen. So while you may not need to read each of these series to be able to enjoy this story. What I have found is that there is a fair bit of background information that definitely enhances your reading experience if you have read both The Brooklyn Sinners and Run This Town.

Overall, I loved this book the action was non-stop, questions were asked, answers were given and yet more questions remain, old problems are resolved, new ones created, characters from previous stories appeared, we said hello to some and good-bye to others. As a reader I was left wanting more...more Dutch, more Patel, more Kyo, more Renzo, more Donavan and Levi, and more scenes like this...


Then he rang the bell.

Carter yanked it open.

Sulivan started to talk. "I want to be here, with you. I want to tell the things I should have said before I left. Things like I'm addicted to your kisses. You're the easiest person to talk to, and you make me feel things. I feel so much when I look into your eyes," he whispered. "Then you touch me and you take me places. I want to go there with you always."

"Sometimes I forget who I am, you remind me. Sometimes I don't want to be that guy, but  you make me like him."


Now tell me you don't want that knocking at your door or at least sitting on your e-reader?


 Oops, I missed a really important fact here THANK YOU!!!! to Jewel and Eleftheria for making this one of the most epic BUDDY READS EVER!!! Seriously EVER!!! This one was awesome and I can't wait for the next book.