Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli Lolli Lollipop...

Lollipop - Amy Lane

I don't have a sound track for this story but I'm old enough that the theme song popped into my head and of course it's Lollipop by the Chordettes of course...


I started reading 'Lollipop' because at the time I just needed something that would make me smile and with out fail this one did it. We first found out about Ezra in 'Bitter Taffy' the second book in this series. He's Rico's ex from New York. The guy who broke Rico's heart so honestly I didn't see me liking him but I had faith that this author was going to give me a story to make me feel good and needless to say Ms Lane did not disappoint me in this department and I ended up totally adoring Ezra.


At the beginning Ezra is heartbroken and so fragile after years of emotional abuse at the hands of his father. Realizing that the biggest mistake he ever made was letting Rico go and in an act of desperation he flies from New York to Sacramento only to learn that he's too late and Rico's heart now belongs to someone else. Rico knows that Ezra needs some one to care for him but he's not the person for the job anymore so in an effort to od what's right for both him and Ezra he entrust Ezra's care to cousin Adam and his partner Finn. Adam and Finn take Ezra in and give him somewhere safe allowing him the time and space he needs to put himself back together and start over again, but more importantly this big change has brought another person into Ezra's life their friend Miguel.


Ezra and Miguel's relationship starts out for Miguel as a responsibility that's been thrust upon him, but as things progress they become friends and finally each man realizes that while being friends is nice it's not what they want from each other and they take that next step together.


Miguel helps Ezra believe in himself and discover so many of the good things that he never had in his life before and in return Ezra sees Miguel...really sees him and helps him to see himself as the person he wants to be.


One of the things I really liked about this story was the fact that Ezra was allowed to cry. I know it may seem like a weird thing to say that I like but so often in books men aren't suppose to cry it's considered to be weak and unmanly. However, reality is that sometimes regardless of our gender life hurts and tears really are the best way to let that pain out and help start the healing process and I appreciated the fact that Ezra was able to do this and wasn't portrayed as being all stoic and macho because 'real men' don't cry...right? Wrong, real people in pain whether it's emotional as was the case with Ezra or physical shed tears it's a normal human reaction and can be so cathartic for the soul.


Ezra is someone who hasn't had a lot of good in his life and once he's removed from the poison environment that was his life in New York he begins to see that what he left behind was crushing him and as he rebuilds himself and starts to find a new life dealing with the emotional damage of the past at times is simply overwhelming.


Candy Man really is the type of series that I love to read. While each book introduces us to a new couple we get to spend time with so many familiar characters as they remain a part of the background going from story to story.


The ending of 'Lollipop' gave us hints about the next book and I honestly can't wait to see what that story brings because it definitely sounded promising.