I love it, I love it not, I like it, I like it...

Lover of Light - Mel Bossa

Seriously can't decide on this one. There were things about this story that I seriously liked and there was easily as much that I didn't.


Be warned there are a truckload of spoilers here so if you plan on reading this book probably best to move on now, Ok?


Let's start at the beginning. We have 4 men (as in 2 couples) first there's Andrew (or Andy) and his boyfriend/partner/roommate/whatever Quinn. Then we have Dimitry and his boyfriend, Alexei. Now keep in mind that Andy and Dimitry are best friends and Quinn who is Andy's supposed partner rarely wants to have sex and runs a catering business with his ex-wife who of course is stunningly beautiful and doesn't care that Quinn is bi. Add in that Andy thinks he might have a thing for his best friend who is in a relationship with Alexei and while Andy's opinion of Alexei is less than stellar it doesn't stop him from admiring how beautiful Alexei is and what no one knows is that the wonderful, patient, kind and caring Dimitry who happens to be a counsellor might also not be as wonderful, patient, kind and caring as he seems. Apparently our fabulous Dimitry is an emotionally abusive asshole.


Not enough drama you say? Really, ok. Let's move on because from here we can add in a break-up between Quinn and Andy after Andy discovers Quinn...you remember Quinn who's not really into sex, well Andy finds him at his ex-wife's having a little ménage a tois with the ex and some dude named Liam and folks this isn't the first time this ship has sailed. It's just the first time Quinn gets caught with his pants down. But hey, he loves Andy. How do we know this? Well he said so and how could one not believe that? I mean really, he had his pants pulled up by the time he said this. The part of this that totally left me speechless was when I realized that Quinn in spite of being a reasonably intelligent man didn't understand why Andy was so mad at him? Really, are you sh!tting me? You hardly ever want to have sex with him and you cheat on him not only with another man but your ex, as well? and you don't see what the issue is? FFS how stupid can one reasonably intelligent person be?


Then we have Dimitry and Alexei who also end up going their separate ways. Andy and Dimitry of course also have a disagreement that creates a rift in their friendship as well. After taking a few days to get himself together Andy goes on to find a new job tending bar. Which is what he was doing when he first met Quinn, but Quinn didn't like him doing this so he gets Andy all sorted out and into a 9 to 5 office job. Can we all say Quinn is a bit on the controlling side?


Not too long after he starts back as a bartender Andy finds himself working with a new waiter? Any guesses? Alexei you say? Nailed it. This is where things start to change between Andy and Alexei.


Needless to say the drama does not end here and there is considerably more but I think the highlight of events to this point makes for a sufficient representation of the soap opera-esque  manner in which this story unfolds and if you think I gave away a lot of the story well all I can say is I did warn you  and you should read the book and see all the crap I didn't mention it's another truckload full, possibly a semi...I kid you not.


One thing that I didn't include and really should have is the fact that at least 3 of the characters involved have not had easy lives they have all suffered emotional and or verbal abuse from people who were suppose to care for them, love them and protect them and this is a large component of what Lover of Light is based on. It's a story about trying to get past the damage and abuse of the past and move forward to create a life that contains a bit of happiness. Alexei and Andy discover that because of their past they have an understanding for each other that they've never been able to find with others but this doesn't make everything sunshine and roses and they still have to work through their own issues together and separately and so does Dimitry.


As for Quinn well he really just kind of disappeared in the second half of the book which was fine in my opinion because to be honest I found him to be controlling, self-centred and basically a cheating waste of oxygen and if his ex was as ok with things as she appeared to be than I'm hoping he went back to her because they say we get what we deserve.


In regards to the ending...

One of my biggest issues with this story came at the end when Andy went to the airport to stop Alexei from returning to Bulgaria. He proposed to Alexei, which I'm cool with that. Was it over the top....mmmmyeah, a little but that's ok. What totally ruined it for me was the fact that the ring he gave Alexei was the one that Dimitry had purchased to give Alexie back when he was going to marry him so that he wouldn't be deported. I'm sorry for me this was a huge NO! I know that the ring was suppose to symbolize the healing of Dimitry and Andy's friendship and the future that Alexei and Andy were going to build together but for me it simply represented a past and a lot of mistakes that these men were all trying to move forward and away from. Even though Alexei never saw the ring or knew where it came from Andy did and the fact that he would give Alexei that ring knowing the history between Dimitry and Alexei...well, it kinda' made me sad.

(show spoiler)


This was my first time at the dance with this particular author and while this isn't going down as a 5 star read for me by any means at the end of it all. This story pulled me in I had absolutely no problem reading it and at no point did I feel like I wanted to do a dnf with it. I started out not liking anybody not Andy or Alexei, or Dimitry and Quinn and truthfully by the end of the book I still wasn't in love with any of them but I did like Andy and Alexei together, they worked and I could see them as a couple. I had hope for Dimitry because he saw what he was and he wanted to be a better person and in my eyes wanting to be a better person is the first step towards becoming a better person as for Quinn he still remains a TSTL, waste of oxygen as far as I'm concerned. I feel no interest what-so-ever in finding out more about him. In regards to this author. I have more books to read and look forward to seeing what they have to offer.


Oops, I almost forgot. A huge thank you and hug to the Secret Elf from the GR Secret Santa exchange who gifted me this story. I so appreciate it because I've been wanting to read a Mel Bossa book for ages now and I keep squirreling off to other things but because this was a gift I made myself do it and I'm glad I did. Thank you.