Just a bit of fun...

Dirty Minds - Rhys Ford

Dirty Minds is a short story set in the world of Cole McGinnis and was a fun read. You can download a copy from the authors site if you're like me a need a little fix to keep you going until March 21st when the latest and sadly the final book in the Cole McGinnis series is released it's entitled 'Dirty Hearts' but back to the story at hand. This is a fun side trip that actually happens between the event of book #4 and #5. I'm not sure how I missed it...well, actually I didn't about 20% in I realized I had already read this but hey, it's Cole McGinnis and I never did a review so I carried on.


Best quote ever "Them touching was like a rainbow unicorn trotting out past us with Excalibur clenched between its teeth." That alone was worth a couple of stars.