I tried, I really, really, really tried...but this one, just didn't work for me.

Full Domain (A Nice Guys Novel Book 3) - Reese Dante, Kindle Alexander, Jae Ashley

Let me start by saying I was totally sure that this was going to be the best book of them all. Book 1 for me was ok, 3 stars is a solid read in my world. I had a couple of niggles but still overall a worthwhile read and book 2 for me was even better 4 stars so this was going to be awesome, right? Right?...wrong.


Sorry but if you really liked this book you might want to move on because I'm the contrary kid sitting over here feeling frustrated and wondering...

because for me this one ended up being a fail.


It started out ok. It was a nice slow build to things I was enjoying the interaction between our two MCs the story was interesting and shortly after new years everything tanked.


I have to admit from the start I was less than impressed with the name Kreed Sinacola on so many levels this name for me was just dumb and OHMYGOD!!! I just googled the word Kreed and according to the urban dictionary this is what it means...


Top Definition 

1)Kreed a really hot guy... Great in bed. Funny and intelligent Kreeds love to please and will stand by the friends and loved ones till they die.

3) A sex god
Stef- who's he?
Angel- must be a Kreed!
Seriously? He's such a hot, badass guy that he has to have a name that means he's a hot, badass guy? And good in bed let's not forget that one. I'm sorry but this is overkill. Then we have his last name SIN-ACOLA? Damn the urban dictionary had nothing for us on that one and as we know from Kreed's mouth to our ears...
“Okay, beach bunny, again your loss on the offer. Guess you’ll never know why they call me Sin.” Kreed lowered his voice and turned toward Stuart. “I can tell you this much, though. It has nothing to do with my last name.” Kreed gave Aaron a wink and focused his attention back to the road.
You got it his nickname is Sin but hey, it's got nothing to do with his last name, it's just a coincidence, right? I'm also guessing that it's got nothing to do with his love of Lush bath products either. Yes Sin is to his Lush bath products as Aaron is to computer equipment. Don't get me wrong this actually amused me to no end. Mostly because my son works for Lush so I am familiar with their products and I have admit Sin does not lie on this. Lush bath products are fantastic.
Ok, down to business I've had my fun. If it had just been Kreed's name I can live with that but somewhere around the time that Kreed and Aaron started to actually have a relationship I felt like Kreed was changing. He was going from a badass, marshal who was good at his job and knew what he had to do to get it done. From someone who believed in himself and what he did to someone who was insecure and to be honest just wishy, washy on his convictions. I appreciated that in spite of all his badassery he still understood that the world wasn't black and white and that in a lot of ways Aaron really operated in the grey zone, granted at times it was dark grey.  But what I couldn't swallow was how easily Aaron led him around by his dick.
Ironically when I look at reviews my friends have done what I realize is that just about the time they were getting into the story is when I was slipping out of it. I loved the first part of the book the build-up between Aaron and Kreed the story development around the attacks it was all going to well and then it happened that damned New Years kiss. I thought it was going to be the beginning of everything and that from here the story was really going to take off. But what I didn't realize was that while it was all that for me it was also the beginning of the end. For some reason the strong connection that I felt building into a real relationship between Kreed and Aaron seemed to falter once they actually took that next step and while the sex was hot...we are talking seriously smoking hot here folks. I started to feel like their relationship was depending too much on the sex and that elusive but solid connection just seemed to slip to the background.
Overall 2 stars for the story and 1/2 star for the cover. I could probably go on at this point about all the little things that added up to the reasons that this story didn't work for me but truthfully I don't want to because I've read a few of Kindle Alexander's books and for the most part I've enjoyed them and I have a few more to go and I'm hoping to enjoy them as well. So bottom line this one didn't work for me...end of story.
But I want to leave it on a more positive note than that so I will say I really liked having Colton & Jace, Mitch & Cody and yes, even Connors sprinkled throughout the story. Not to mention Tristan & Dylan, I haven't read their story yet, but I am looking forward to it and then there's one Brody Masters. He sounds interesting and while the Nice Guys are done I'm hoping he'll get his turn at a story anyways.
Last but not least let's give a nod to that cover. Seriously what's not to love there? All that tattooed muscle, hell it took me 5 minutes just to stop starting and start reading the book when I did.