Why I waited so long to read this is beyond my comprehension...

Flying Colors - Clare London

but I did. I very much enjoyed this one but I knew I wanted Red De Vere's story after read True Colors. The reviews on this one a really mixed bag everything from 1 star to 5 and I'm sure there were probably some dnf's in there as well. Interestingly for me one of the things that I really liked about this story was something that made it not so great for some other readers and that was the fact that it did have a fair amount of detail in it, meaning it rehashed some of the background info from True Colors, probably because it's been at least 5 years since I read True Colors it didn't feel repetitive and was a good thing for me because 5 years and a few hundred books even my memory can get fuzzy after that.


I enjoyed watching Red and Carter's relationship develop from friends to something deeper, stronger and more lasting. While Red was definitely ahead of Carter in knowing what he wanted he was willing to wait, give Carter the time to get there on his own. I also liked seeing Red grow and change into a more mature person and how he showed Carter the person that his public persona was meant to protect from the rest of the world. Carter had his own issues to work through and he did finally get to that point where he could let go of the past and begin to build the kind of future for himself and with Red that he wanted.


So overall this for me was a really good read and I very much enjoyed getting a peek at Miles and Zeke as they showed up throughout the story. I would definitely recommend reading True Colors before tacking this one. Even though there is a lot of background in this I thing I enjoyed it all the more for having read True Colors and getting Miles and Zeke's story from their perspective as well as the friendships that exist between Zeke and Carter and Miles and Red. It's all interwoven and for me worked best by starting at the beginning.