A visit with Ondry and Liam...

Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts - Lyn Gala

Prelude to 'Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts' was a wonderful free read put out by the author as a thank you to fans of this series. In spite of the fact that this is a prequel I have to admit that I think a better appreciation and understanding of the stories contained within would actually be achieved by reading 'Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts' first.


In these stories, as there really more more than one, we get to see the beginning of the relationship between the MCs and while much of the series is told to us through Liam's eyes with this collection we see more of how things happened through Ondry's eyes and a bit of the Rownt Grandmothers, who are essentially the leaders of the alien race that Liam interacts with.


'Prelude to Claimings, Tails and Othe Alien Artifacts' takes us back to the beginnings of what is a rather unusual romance and while there are no sexy times involved the insight that it gives to these characters and the beginning of their relationship make it more than worth reading.