I'm starting to feel the love with this one...

Fusion - Posy Roberts

'Fusion' is the second book in Posy Roberts 'North Star' trilogy and it follows the relationship between Hugo and Kevin. That certain events were totally unexpected is an understatement. Events happen that cause are unforeseen not only in what happens but the impact that they leave on the lives of all concerned.


While I definitely enjoyed this part of the story more than the first book admittedly I'm not finding myself as taken with the story in general as I was with 'Fall Into You' or 'Feathers From Heaven'. While I felt like Kevin was growing as a person in terms of stepping out of the closet that he had kept himself so safely ensconced in while his father was alive. At the same time I found myself a little angry with how oblivious Kevin seemed to be to Hugo's situation and the treatment that he seemed to be willing to accept in his efforts to care for the family he and Kevin were making.


'Fusion' was not a happy story there was a lot of heartache, but seeing Kevin and Hugo work together to rise above it and make a happier life for themselves and Kevin's children in the midst of tragedy and the resulting fallout was very heartwarming for me and maybe just a little closer to home than I usually like my stories to be. If you intend on reading this book than I strongly recommend skipping the spoiler.

In the story Hugo and Kevin were caring for Erin, Kevin's almost ex-wife and the mother of his two children, I read a great deal of this book while I was in the process of going home to attend my own mother's funeral and while I am an adult and the children in this book were quite young. Your mother is your mother and I understood their loss and heartache only too well.

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At the end of it all book 2 for me was definitely a better read and yes, I am almost done reading the third and final installment in this trilogy.