Sex and Candy...what more could a girl want...

Sex and Candy - Nico Jaye

'Sex and Candy' is a short sexy story...seriously sexy folks we're talking I might have blushed a bit while reading this one.


In the interest of being totally honest I received a copy of this book from the author as a gift not because she wanted a review good or bad from me, but because she is a lovely and kind human being who wanted to give me something to read on my plane trip home to attend a funeral. Nico, you did it. You gave me a story to read that distracted me, made me smile and blush, a little, and maybe I developed a tiny bit of a crush on Lee and Tony, but really if you've read these stories...can you blame me? These two men are sexy and adorable and just generally smokin' hot.


I love Nico's writing and her stories always leave me in a happy place and no that's not because the book was a gift...well maybe a little because it was a gift from a friend. It's because the stories are about people in love and there's no angst just lots of sweet lovin'.


If you're looking for a sweet, no angst story to leave you smiling and maybe thinking about cold showers, lol. Check it out.