More dog shifters, more good times, more laughs and smiles, more, more, more...

How to Walk Like a Man - Eli Easton

That's right book 2 was simply more of book 1 but with different characters. This time we were focused on Roman and Matt and they were epically adorable. Theirs was a very different story because Roman's beginnings were very different. Watching Roman learn how to 'Walk Like a Man' was at times cute, sweet, innocent, heartbreaking and just over the moon fun.


I loved this story there really is no other way to explain it and according to my source who got it from a post made by the author in question there will be a third book released before too much longer it's title was said to be 'How to Wish Upon a Star'. As with book 1 if you want to know more got to GR and read the awesome reviews already posted there.


As well as just being a really fun read this was my first buddy read with my friend Josy. So thanks for joining me on this one Josy. It was all the better of a story for having someone to share it with and I'm definitely looking forward to doing the same for 'How to Wish Upon a Star' book 3.