In the world of Mary Calmes this one was just ok...

Lay It Down - Mary Calmes

While 'Lay It Down' followed a lot of the formula that I've come to expect from a Mary Calmes book for me there was just something missing. It came down to sometimes the story worked and sometimes it just didn't. So while it was an enjoyable read overall, it didn't leave me over the moon about the characters or events that happened. I think it was mostly because I kept feeling like I wanted a little more detail. I think if things that happened had been fleshed out a little more I would have felt more connected to the characters or even the story in general, but they weren't and I didn't so at the end of it that fact is neither here nor there.


While this was only an ok read for me, I'm still good with that because if we didn't have the bad books, or the ones that are just ok. How would we recognize the truly awesome ones that leave us with book hangovers and make us want to read them over and over again?