I love Trouble!!!

Trouble & the Wallflower - Kade Boehme

'Trouble & the Wallflower' is my first read by this author and not even close to my last one. I was hooked on this story from the first page. How could I resist. Local bad, boy hottie sets his sights on the cute socially awkward ice cream parlor boy. It's a match made in heaven? Probably not, but it was entertaining to watch. Gavin is the guy that everybody wants. He wears his bad, boy, I don't do relationships, let's partaaaayyyy!!! persona like a badge of honor until he meets Davy...not David...just Davy. Quiet, unassuming, socially awkward, please don't notice me, I'm a wallflower Davy.


Appearances can be so deceiving. Neither of these men are what they appear to be and try as they might to deny or refute it they are drawn to each other. They each fill a need for the other that no one else seems to be able to.


After several mistakes and hurt feelings Gavin and Davy finally seem to be getting themselves on track and they are so sweet together. Unfortunately there are still obstacles for these two to deal with before they can reach their much deserved HEA. Both Gavin and Davy are going to have to draw on all of their inner strength to get through what's going to happen and they do.


I loved watching Gavin and Davy's relationship grow and develop right along with them as individuals. There was a very unexpected turn or two that kept things interesting and made me want to keep reading right up until the very end.


Start to finish I was loved this book and was more than a little impressed with the story that Kade Boehme created. I am really looking forward to reading more by this author. I'm not sure why I waited so long to read this book but I know if it's at all possible I won't wait as long to read more by Kade Boehme.